Pediatric Feeding Center

Pediatric Feeding Center


The Pediatric Behavioral Feeding and Swallowing Center was established to meet the medical and behavioral needs of children with swallowing and feeding problems. It opened in November 2000 after an amazing eighteen months from concept to completion.

THe interior design directive was to provide a “child-friendly but subtle” color scheme to be cheerful but not distracting to the young patients. Fish and kite borders in soft shades of green, peach, blue and yellow provide pattern interest in all patient areas. All finishes, surfaces and furnishings were chosen for their ease of maintenance and with concern for the safety of the children who would be visiting the Center.

Exam and feeding rooms equipped with two-way mirrors and video recording equipment were designed around a central observation room. A day treatment area includes play areas with storage for toys and supplies, a quiet room and other necessary equipment for the care of up to ten children at a time.

Length of Construction

Eighteen Months


St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center
Paterson, New Jersey